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Oteo is a technology provider focusing on to overcome the global challenges of public health


Oteo is a technology provider focusing on to overcome the global challenges of public health.

Since its establishment in 2011, we continuously improve ourselves by specializing in creation of patented technologies and our products are based on the latest research, making them truly cutting-edge. Our goal is to bring revolutionary new ideas to the healthcare industry, and create value addition to our customers in global market, by our solutions and products ensuring that our clients receive products that meet the highest quality standards. With a team of talented and dedicated forces, we are committed to improving the lives of patients through our patient-centric solutions and services.


Our talented team of experts works tirelessly to develop solutions that address the most pressing challenges facing the healthcare industry, including public health management, preventive health management, vaccination management, and smart patient transfer technologies.​


Oteo invests in research and development, collaborating with academia and industry experts to continuously innovate and improve health technologies. We stay abreast of emerging trends, as artificial intelligence, machine learning, health analytics, and integrate these technologies into our solutions


At OTEO, we foster an environment that promotes continuous learning, initiative, drive, growth, and a strong commitment to making a positive impact. Our culture is anchored by core values such as honesty, trust, integrity, transparency, and inclusivity, which contribute to a synergistic and collaborative atmosphere.



Oteo PHMS facilitates data collection, analysis, and information sharing for public health initiatives, aiding health authorities and organizations in making informed decisions.


Oteo improves patient care with Smart Ambulances, offering real-time communication, integrated medical equipment, telemedicine, GPS tracking, and EHR integration tailored to customer needs.


Oteo MAMS efficiently manages healthcare assets like equipment, facilities, supplies, and medications, ensuring optimal utilization and compliance for uninterrupted healthcare delivery.


It offers integrated imaging solutions that meet modern technology needs, focusing on utilizing AI for radiological and digital pathology image analysis, and conducting multicenter studies.

Products Features


Data exchanges use the HL7 FHIR standard

Multi Language

Applications support Multi-Language

SaaS or PaaS

Offered as SaaS or PaaS according to needs


Components can operate independently


Screens are customizable based on client needs



Basic EMR for primary healthcare organizations, private clinics, small-scale hospitals
Basicare is an easy-to-use electronic medical record system specifically designed for primary healthcare settings. It provides comprehensive tools for managing patient information, including demographics and medical history, as well as functionalities for appointment scheduling and management. Additionally, Basicare offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities, making it a valuable asset for healthcare organizations aiming to streamline their operations and improve patient care.


Digitally manage prescriptions in clinics and pharmacies
Manage prescriptions digitally in clinics and pharmacies, acting as a bridge between doctors and patients. Includes secure e-signatures, QR code verification, decision support tools, insurance claim management, and drug inventory control. Provides easy access for doctors, pharmacists, and patients, along with support for exemption and prepayment certificates.


Vaccination Tracking & Management
Oteo Vaccination Management System, namely VacTrack, is a tool facilitating the efficient and effective management of vaccination programs. It provides tools and functionalities to streamline vaccination, from appointment scheduling to vaccine administration and post-vaccination follow-up.


It ensures monitoring and regular care for the elderly at home
Oteo ElderCare Solution uses advanced technologies for remote monitoring and managing the entire process of providing better service to the elderly. It includes patient record management, appointments, medical device integration, home inventory tracking, hospice monitoring, caregiver team management, dental health, diet management, processes for non-citizens, and insurance provision.


Appointment and Queue Management Across Clinics, Labs, and Imaging Centers
SyncCare is a streamlined application designed to simplify the management of appointments by integrating clinics, laboratories, and imaging centers. This tool enables healthcare providers to efficiently organize and coordinate patient appointments, ensuring timely access to necessary medical services. Additionally, it includes real-time monitoring and management of healthcare resources, enhancing overall operational efficiency.


Tracking children's health and development
Well-Care is a dedicated application that ensures and tracks regular well-child visits, vital for overseeing children's health and developmental progress. Distinct from visits addressing illness or injury, well-child visits prioritize preventive care, enabling the early detection of potential health issues and granting parents the opportunity to raise any concerns with a healthcare provider.


RealTime Ambulance Management & Dispatch
AmbuTrace+ facilitates the efficient management of ambulances and the dispatching of vehicles efficiently to the service points. It provides tools and functionalities to streamline the entire ambulance operation, from receiving emergency calls to dispatching the nearest ambulance and tracking its status.


AI-powered, integrated radiology platform
RadioAssist is a comprehensive web-based platform designed to empower radiologists and enhance their daily workflow. Leveraging artificial intelligence and advanced collaboration tools, RadioAssist streamlines reporting, facilitates communication, and improves diagnostic accuracy.


Empowering Pathologists with AI and Collaboration
PathoAssist is an AI-powered web-based platform designed to enhance pathologists' workflow and improve diagnostic accuracy. It facilitates streamlined reporting, seamless collaboration, and optimized case management.


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