Oteo Health & Information Technologies


Oteo Collab is dedicated to fostering innovative collaborations and advancing health technology through strong partnerships with academia and industry. We aim to bridge the gap between research and practical applications, ensuring that cutting-edge developments benefit health professionals and patients alike.


Key Initiatives

Collaboration with Project-Oriented Academics

  • We actively seek and establish partnerships with academics who are focused on practical and impactful health technology projects.
  • Our goal is to integrate academic research with real-world health solutions, driving both scientific and practical advancements.


Publication Support

  • Oteo Collab provides comprehensive support for academic publications, helping researchers disseminate their findings in top-tier journals and conferences.
  • We offer assistance with writing, editing, and submission processes to ensure high-quality and impactful publications, focusing on publication efforts together with our R&D team.


Free Product Access for Academics

  • We believe in empowering researchers by providing them with free access to our latest health technology products.
  • This initiative allows academics to explore, test, and provide feedback on our products, fostering a collaborative development process.


Student Project Teams and Advisor Introductions

  • Oteo Collab supports the formation of project teams among students, connecting them with experienced academic advisors.
  • We facilitate mentorship and guidance, helping students develop practical skills and contribute to meaningful health technology projects.


Interdisciplinary Research

  • We encourage and support multidisciplinary research projects that integrate various fields of expertise to address complex health challenges.
  • By promoting collaboration across disciplines, we aim to foster innovative solutions that are both comprehensive and effective.


Tracking Project Calls and Research Funds

  • Oteo Collab actively monitors and participates in project calls from national and international funding bodies such as TUBITAK, TUSEB, and the European Commission.
  • We continuously track and identify opportunities for joint projects and research funding, facilitating partnerships and collaborations that maximize research impact and resource utilization.
  • We assist in proposal preparation, submission, and project management to secure funding for groundbreaking health technology research.


Coordination of Advisors in Current Projects

  • We ensure effective coordination and communication among academic advisors involved in our ongoing projects.
  • This helps maintain project momentum and ensures that our research initiatives are guided by expert insights and knowledge.


Conference Support and Participation

  • We provide support for academics and researchers to attend and present at national and international conferences.
  • Our goal is to promote knowledge exchange, networking, and visibility for cutting-edge health technology research.


At Oteo Collab, we are committed to advancing health technology through strategic collaborations, innovative research, and unwavering support for the academic community. Join us in shaping the future of health technology.